Behavioral Services

Applied Behavior Analysis -(ABA)


​Parents of children with autism face a host of challenges every day, particularly when it comes to dealing with problem behaviors. At Laurel Life, we understand how difficult it can be to reduce these behaviors and we’re here to help.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services(BHRS)


If your child struggles with social, emotional or behavioral challenges, Laurel Life’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) may be right for you. 

Brief Treatment


 Unlike residential or office-based treatments, Laurel Life's Brief Treatment Program directly addresses challenges in the home, school or community environment to promote sustainable behavior change. By targeting the individual's specific mental health needs within their own surroundings, the program is able to create a safe and caring atmosphere that positions each child for success.  

Family-Based Mental Health Services (FBMHS)


For parents struggling to connect with their child or understand the underlying causes of an emotional disturbance, Laurel Life’s Family Based Mental Health  Services (FBMHS) can provide a much needed lifeline.   

JUMP Wellness Program


Services are provided in the home, school and community.  Includes individual, group, parenting and family counseling services.   

Outpatient Counseling Services


 At first, mental illness may only affect one’s life in subtle ways, but if left untreated, the quality of one’s personal and work life can be greatly impacted.  Get help before it’s too late with Laurel Life. Our wide range of Outpatient Counseling Services are personalized to reflect an individual’s unique needs and circumstances.  

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your child’s challenging behaviors? Learn effective behavior management and discipline techniques.​Does your child struggle with disruptive or aggressive behaviors like hitting, kicking or breaking things?  Are you frustrated by constant fights and  temper tantrums? If so, Laurel Life can help.