Quick-Response In-Home Services for Children and Adolescents with Behavioral Needs

Designed to deliver precentive, in-home services, Brief Treatment is an intensice, short-term program that is ideal for individuals in need of:

  • An in-home initial assessment to determine appropriate level of care
  • Collaboration with families as well as others involves in the child's care
  • A step down from more intensice or restrictive levels of care
  • Timely aftercare for inpatient hospitalization or crisis services
  • Coordinated interventions for home and school

 Unlike residential or office-based treatments, Laurel Life's Brief Treatment Program directly addresses challenges in the home, school or community environment to promote sustainable behavior change. By targeting the individual's specific mental health needs within their own surroundings, the program is able to create a safe and caring atmosphere that positions each child for success.  

A Holistic Approach

Offered as a short-range, quick start solution, the Brief Treatment program provides up to six hours of treatment each week for 36 weeks. Services focus on intensive individual therapy with the child and family treatment with any or all family members, or treatment with the child and other caregivers. This program also includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing date to create a behavior plan
  • Developing the treatment plan, goals and objectives. The treatment plan and safety plan in individualized so the family has a step by step guideline of what to do in a crisis.
  • Consulting with the parents, school officials, and other persons concerning the behavioral health needs of the child
  • Attending meetings when the child's behavioral issues are discussed
  • Providing therapy to other members in the home when the focus of the therapy session is related to the individual undergoing treatment

In addition, our mobile therapists and behavioral consultants connect individuals and their families with community agencies and resources to help them overcome obstacles and address their unique needs. Our trauma-certified clinicians also work in close collaboration with mobile and ER crisis centers in York and Adams County and are trained to provide care for trauma-related or gender identity-related issues among children, adolescents, adults and families.

Measuring Success

Clinicians employ a variety of outcomes measurements, including satisfaction surveys, strength and difficulties questionnaires and other tools. Success is determined by the program's ability to:

  • Encourage individual and family investment in treatment
  • Increase pro-social behaviors and positive self-management skills
  • Reduce out-of-home placements
  • Improve caregiver skills to help stabilize the home environment and initiate constructive, long-term change

Getting Started is Easy

Our abbreviated authorization process ensures a quick response to treatment needs and includes just three simple steps:

  1. The clinician conducts an assessment at the family home to identify the referral concerns, diagnosis and recommendations once the referral is made to the office
  2. The family and treatment team meet to review the assessment and plan treatment
  3. The clinician obtains support from a psychologist and submits the authorization request

In most cases, authorization is received in as little as 7 to 10 business days.

A Lasting Impact

During the first year after discharge, participants can schedule up to three booster sessions on an as-need basis. Each session lasts for two weeks.


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"My boys have been able to hit milestones because of the help from Laurel Life Staff."

-Ashley M.