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Laurel Life offers a continuum of trauma informed care services, available in home, school, community, and office settings.  Behavioral health services are designed to address a wide variety of problems and are tailored to meet individual needs.  Services are brief, solution-focused treatment for individuals.  Services are designed to help with mild to moderate symptoms of a mental health disorder.   Services can be a treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, autism, parent-child problems, anger management difficulties, and impulse control disorders.  Treatment is based upon the individual’s needs.  In order to utilize third-party funding for counseling services, individuals must have an Axis I diagnosis from the DSM-V and the provider must be a participating provider for the third-party payer. 

Philosophical Approach

Our behavioral health services focus on family involvement, addressing individual characteristics, and improving one’s environment.  Treatment has demonstrated positive results in addressing problems such as anxiety, depression,  hyperactivity and aggression.  Ultimately, our services focus on fostering recovery and resiliency through building protective factors both within the individual and in his/her environment.   

Laurel Life provides trauma-informed counseling care.  Our approach is resiliency interventions based on brain-science offers an advantage over resiliency initiatives based on social science.